Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi’s emotional meet with Kiara

Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2018 Written Update Episode,

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Kiara’s school and thinks teacher will not let him meet Kiara as classes might have started. He thinks how to stop myself from meeting her. Pragya is still standing outside the school. A girl comes and asks pragya to buy the balloons and give to a little kid in her house. Pragya says ok, give me all. Abhi doesn’t see her and gets down to get the balloons, but Pragya takes it and goes. He doesn’t see her and sits in the car. Song plays…He thinks someone took my daughter away from me and someone took balloons away which I want to take for Kiara. Balloons flies and falls on Abhi’s car. Abhi thinks these balloons belong to the woman who brought it. Pragya doesn’t see him and comes near his car. She sees Abhi’s face and hides behind his car. Abhi thinks whose balloons they are, and thinks the person might come to take it. He gets down from his car and thinks why did the person buy it, if she doesn’t want. He thinks to make the balloons fly, but then says it seems like it is brought by someone close to him. He says I will take it for Kiara and will give it to her. Pragya gets happy and smiles. Allah Wariyan plays….

Abhi sits in his car and goes. He stops at the signal and thinks if it is Kiara’s heart or Pragya’s heart. He thinks this must be Kiara’s heart. Pragya thinks it is her heart. She hides her face with the magazine and thinks I have to face him one day and answer him. She reaches home. King informs her that Abhishek Mehra came today, may be to thank you for last night help. He says Abhi was very upset and stressed. Pragya asks did he tell you? King says no and tells that one thing is confirmed that he has problem in his marriage. He asked me not to believe on any woman in life. Pragya looks on and recalls Abhi asking her to hold his hand and they will make new family. King asks her not to worry and says we will meet him in the evening. Pragya thinks what might be the matter.

Abhi comes home and thinks these balloons are for my daughter, and it seems someone close to me gave this. He thinks cookie will stay with Kiara and him. He plans to drop Kiara to school, outing etc. He thinks if Kiara will agree to stay with us. He hears Kiara laughing and comes out of room. He asks Dadi, Dasi, Mitali and Tai ji if Kiara came. Mitali says she didn’t come. Abhi thinks I am missing her so much that I am imagining her. He hears Kiara laughing again and asks everyone if they heard her. Tanu tries to stop him, but he don’t stops. Tai ji says what happened? Dasi says he might be missing her. Mitali thinks abhi’s heart is connected with his daughter. Abhi goes to Disha’s room following her voice. He sees Kiara and hugs her. Kiara smiles. Song plays….kyunki tum dhadkan main dil….Disha and Sunny smiles. Abhi says my daughter and kisses on her cheeks. Kiara tells Disha that she calls him fake dad so he calls her daughter. He asks where was you, I was searching you. Kiara says I was in school and asks why you are meeting me as if you are meeting me after many days. Abhi says I am meeting you after seven years. He says he went to her house and then school. Kiara says I was in school only. Abhi says I dropped the idea to meet you in school thinking teacher will scold me. He tells that he brought heart shaped balloons for you, but I will not give it you and will keep it safely as it is my daughter’s heart. Disha takes Sunny from there to leave them alone. Kiara says Superman and wipes his tears. She says you are sad even now for me and says I am fine now. She says you gave me your blood, and I am fine because of that and became strong like you.

She hugs him asking him not to cry. Abhi says I love you. Kiara says I love you too. Abhi says we are one, we have very strong bond between us. He asks her to give her hand and asks her to feel sensation touching him. He says you will feel sensation as if your blood is in me and my blood is in you. Kiara says superman. He asks do you feel connection when we hug each other. He hugs her again. He asks her to tell what he means to her. Kiara says I love you so much, you are my superman, superhero. She says I love you. Abhi asks if I don’t look like a dad, and asks if she don’t think that it is strange that your friend is a big man and says why my heart asks you to call you daughter, and why your heart calls him dad, and says do you think? She nods no. Abhi says you are my daughter and I am your Dad. Kiara hugs him.

She wipes his tears and says you are mature, but crying. Abhi says I have everything, but don’t have a daughter and asks her to become his daughter. Kiara says I am your daughter and asks him not to cry. Abhi says I remembered something and that’s why cried. He says tap is closed now and smiles. Kiara smiles.

Aaliya tells King that Pragya is a cheater. King is shocked. Tanu tells Pragya that surely there is some problem between King and her, as she is not having sindoor on her forehead.

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2018 : Abhi’s emotional meet with Kiara .

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