Agnifera 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Tricks And Wins Second Test

Agnifera 7th December 2018 Written Update Episode,

Devi yells at Agni that she did not pull out gun on time to save Kishen, but Sakshi risked her life to save Kishen’s life and followed wife’s duty. Yashi says even Agni tried to save Kishen. Kishen says whatever Sakshi did is foolishness, everyone saw how Agni also tried to save him and she is trained in self-defense. Devi yells what is special in it, what Sakshi did is great and forces KD to accept Sakshi as winner and dorn chunri/veil on Sakshi’s doll.

Next morning, Kishan wakes up and searches Agni. He sees tea and biscuits in tray and thinking Agni kept it for him sips tea. Agni walks in with tea and stands disappointed. Sakshi walks in and asks if he liked tea, she had gone to serve tea to their badi maa who considers her as her bahu and suggested to call Kishan as suniye ji, she continues her loud acting. Kishan asks her to leave. Yashi walks in and asks Kishan if he knows today is special day. Kishan thinks and says today is Badi maa and papa’s wedding anniversary.. Yashi asks if he prepared gift for Devi and tells Agni that Devi likes only Kishan’s prepared cake for birthday and suggests Agni and Kishan to prepare cake for Devi. They excitedly agree.

Devi and Vasu join family. Family wishes them happy anniversary. Sakshi walks in with flower gifts for them saying she prepared them and says she has decided to prepare home made cake for Devi. Devi gets happy while Kishen and Agni stand shocked. Devi says it is awsome when her beta and bahu will prepare cake for her. Yashi says Agni and Kishan planned to prepare care for her. Kishan says yes, he and Agni will prepare cake. KD says Agni, Sakshi, and Kishan will prepare cake together forgetting their differences. Kishan agrees and takes Agni aside. Sakshi with her loud overacting joins Kishan and Agni pesters them with irritating voice and dialogue delivery. Chachi comments Kishan is following family culture and has 2 wives like Vasu. Sanjay shuts her mouth. Kishan scolds Sakshi that she heard their conversation and planned to spoil their plan. Sakshi denies but agrees in front of Agni.

Devi and Chachi verbally fight alleging each other’s son’s character. Revathi gives sandals as gift to Devi.

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Agnifera 7th December 2018 : Sakshi Tricks And Wins Second Test .

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