Avneil FF.. A new face of love (Episode 4)

In the last episode… We have seen Maddy and Kareena’s entry… Neil and Dd getting mesmerized seeing Avni’s Fighting skills… And how avni mistakenly kisses Neil..


The episode starts with Avneil trying to get up coz avni is lieing above neil and Riya sees them…

Riya calls them out…

Avneil sees Riya and tries to get up but again falls… Riya sees this and smiles

Avneil get up…avni goes to riya… And says you came so early.. Where are the others…
Riya: yes… That’s why I was able to see all these……..
Avni : eey…Riya… Its not like that.. I just slipped
Riya: its Ok avni…should I go now.. You can carry on..
Avni and Neil: No….. What you mean…
Riya: no avni..its not like that… I will cancel my party.. Okay
Avni:..okay cancel party.. But I am also coming with you to home… I can’t stay with him
Neil : ooh.. I saved your life and you are talking bad about me

Avni sees the lipstick mark and recalls the fall.. She was about to warn him but riya takes her with her.. Neil also goes home..

Avni and Riya reach home and both of them goes to their rooms…
Avni thinks about the lipstick mark and says to herself that whether someone had seen them and if Neil tells her name then…..
Riya asks her why she is so stressed and asks if she is thinking about neil..
Avni tells the matter..
Riya : Don’t worry man….
Avni nod yes and both of them sleep

Neil reaches his house and goes to his room… Maddy comes there and says Bhaiya… Why u became so late..

Neil thinks of avni and their moments and says nothing…at police station
He asks whether everyone slept or not
Maddy says yes..
Neil turns to her to ask about Kareena
Maddy sees the lipstick mark and gets shocked
Neil:what happened… Did kareena aunty reached there.. Did she called
Maddy: Bhaiya…you told u were in police station… Right
Neil(little tensed) : yes… What
Maddy: ooh… Which police officer is using such a dark colour lipstick…
Neil: Lipstick…?? What are u saying??
Maddy: No…. Feels like your police station has a lots of lady staffs using lipsticks..
Neil: eey….what rubbish… There is only one lady staff and she is a middle aged lady
Maddy: Then who gave you this gift of love
And shows him the lipstick mark
Neil gets shocked and recalls how avni unknowingly kissed him while falling..
Maddy: Don’t lie to me… Say truth
Neil also tells every thing…
Maddy: ooh… Do you have her picture… I want to see that brave girl who is able to backanswer you..
Neil gets irked and goes to sleep

It’s morning…
Avni and riya wakes up… And comes downstairs after getting their bath
Neela and Ashish wish them…
Avni asks about Ansh
Neela: He went to a trip with his friends.. Will be coming next week only.. And leave all that… Have food first
Ashish: Yes.. Today I have made the food.. Taste and say your opinion

Everyone sits for having food
All of them likes the food and compliments ashish
Neela jokes

Avni says i have to meet Ali… I am going…
Riya also goes with her
Both of them head to चमको cafe and Ali gets surprised seeing avni and hugs her…
They sit and talk…

In khannan mansion..
Maddy asks Neil to take her along to the police station..
Neil agrees

On the way.. Maddy says that he heard about चमको Cafe a lot.. Can we go there
Neil: you are right… The owner of the cafe is my best friend.. His name is Ali… Chamko Cafe poha is so famous
Maddy: can we go there…
Neil: yes… But we will stay there only for minutes coz i have some work
Maddy agrees

They reach Chamko Cafe.. Neil asks a staff for Ali.. The staffs says Ali sir’s childhood best friend came.. They are talking there… Staff goes
Neil: Who is his childhood friend.. He never told about this
Neil and Maddy comes to Neil… Ali sees them and does to him.. Neil sees avni from back side and thinks why I am feeling that is avni… No way.. She can’t be..
Ali hugs him.. And greets maddy
Neil: I heard your childhood friend came.. Where is she… Make me meet her
Ali calls avni
Neil thinks avni…..?
Avni turns to them and gets shocked seeing neil
Avni and Neil shout each others name..
Ali gets confused.. And asks: did you know each other
Avni asks Neil why he is following her…
Neil: I am not following you… You are coming to every place where I used to go..
Maddy asks Neil… is this your avni
Ali asks his avni…?? How
Riya comes there.. And says Neil you here
Ali: you also knows him
Riya : not completely but I know him through avni.. Isn’t avni
Maddy: yes… Tillu bhaiya told about you yesterday
Avni: who iz tillu
Neil: leave it….
They start their cute fight

Riya, Ali and Maddy looks on

Ali and Maddy asks whats all thiz
Riya says this is common… Come we can have poha
Ali: what….they are fighting and you are eating poha..
Riya: this will not end now.. You guys come here… We can have poha
Ali and Maddy goes in between avneil’s s fight.. And shouts shut up……..
Both of them become silent… Suddenly Neil gets a call and says oh… No I totally forgot about it… I will just come… Okay
Neil: Maddy come…. I have got an imp work to do…
Maddy: I will come later.. I would like to spent time with riya di..
Neil: okay

Neil leaves…

Riya asks Maddy to come with them…
Neela calls avni and says there is a surprise for her and asks her to come home soon
Avni riya Ali and Maddy goes home…
They reach home and gets surprised…..
A girl comes and hugs riya…
Riya : Juhi…..when did you come…
Avni also hugs juhi
Juhi: I just came suddenly… That’s why……
Juhi sees Maddy and asks about her
Riya tells her that this is Ali’s friend’s sister..
Juhi greets Maddy and goes to Ali…
Ali and Juhi hug each other and greets
Neela asks them to have fun and goes to kitchen

Neil discuss about the robbery case with Dd… Dd says we have to investigate the house… Neil asks him to give address
Dd gives address and Neil leaves to house

Neil checks the house and gets a photo of a baby and lady(mother and son)… He thinks who is this… I have to collect more infos… He leaves from there..

He thinks this is Neela aunty and Ashish uncle’s area… Sometimes they may be knowing something.. He goes to Mehta house..
He rings the calling bell..

Maddy says i wil check..
Maddy opens the door.. And says bhaiya…. You here
Neela comes there and says Neil beta.. You here
Everyone comes downstairs..
Riya avni and Ali gets surprised…
Neil also sees them and asks neela why they are here
Avni: hello… Acp… This is my house.. I should ask you why are you here
Neil: is this your house..and is neela aunty your माँ..
Neela: yes she is my daughter… Is Maddy your sis
Neil nods yes
Neil: no… How is this possible… Mom is so sweet and good… How this बेटी became so bitter
Everyone laughs except avni…
Neela: avni… You are soo…. Cute in this type of expression

Neil talks to neela about the robbery
Avni notices juhi looking at Neil.. And thinks why she is looking at Neil like this…
Avni gets angry and interrupts juhi… And asks what is she looking
Juhi: avni…. Look how hot and handsome is this neil….
Avni gets angry..
Riya hears this and says juhi you are right… He is very good also
Avni: no… He is not..
Juhi: no.. Avni…. Look how he is talking… I am not able to control myself
Avni gets angry and goes to neil and tells him that your phone was ringing… Your bebe was calling i think.. She messaged that there is something imp at home… You may go now…
Neil: is it… I will call her and ask
Avni: no need… You go and check… Sometimes it may be emergency
Neil : but……
Avni: go and check
Neil says okay
And calls Maddy.. They leave

Avni go and sit on the sofa…
Riya comes to her and asks why she asked him to go… Because of juhi…??
Avni gets angry and goes to her room
Riya sits smiling….

To be continued….
Hope you will like this😊😊

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Avneil FF.. A new face of love (Episode 4) .

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