Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update Hapu Singh plays Putans grand father

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th December 2018 Written Update Episode,

Alpa says his dadaji is dead, putan says no no he is alive,he is in Bangkok, meditation centre, pandit says him, alpa says yes yes call him i want to be related to this family if not Hetal atleast me.

Tiwari Angoori putan saxena vibhu having dinner, Tiwari asks this isnt done that you are building relation on a lie,putan says who will tell the truth,vibhu says lie comes out, Putan says keep your philosophy with you, Vibhu says concentrate on who will be grandfather, Angoori asks how about teeka, Vibhu says there is no match,hapu walks in and asks whats up, putan insults him,hapu says dare you or esle i shall tell that lady the truth,vibhu says look its his marriage so let it be,putan says i beg of you, hapu says okay but i need 3 lakhs, Tiwari asks why us, hapu says who are you to me,putan says i shall give you,tiwari mean, tiwari says but now lets worry about dadaji, saxena looks at hapu.

Boys waiting for anarkali to milk,boys having alcohol,tilu says shall we share this with her,teeka says she will give alcohol, malkan says good idea,tilu says lets experiment, teeka says shutup,tilu says this buffalo is a girl and to bring her in mood we need to find a male buffalo, teeka says where will we get that,tilu malka lopk at teeka.

Putan asks angoori is hapu ready, Angoori walks in with hapu, Hapu says this makeup really make me feel like im old, Vibhu and hapu get in argument, Tiwari calms them down, Putan says all please stay in character and no messing. Angoori asks do yoh speak gujrati, hapu says its very easy.

Alpa goes and sits beside vibhu, alpa starts flirting, and then asks who is thos beggar, hapu says im no beggar but his grandfather, vibhu asks so what thoughts now,alpa says anything you say, Panditji says all is okay. Alpa says let’s arrange for engagement, Saxena says be quick, Alpa says lets do small engagement and quick wedding, putan asks Tiwari to start arranging for rings.

teeka walks out dressed as buffalo, Malkan says so similar, try on her may be she gets serious, tilu says jokes apart go near anarkali kiss her,teeka says what are you making me do, tilu and Malkan convince him
Teeka starts acting like buffalo, anarkali kicks tilu, Malkan asks what happened, and tease him.malkan says i think she has milk deficiency like we have blood,lets give her milk,boys sayd deal good idea, prem walks them and asks still no success and tease them.

Pre cap: Putan and Hetals wedsing celebration,Daddy comes down to model colony.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th December 2018 Hapu Singh plays Putans grand father .

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