Kuldeepak 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuldeepak 3rd August 2017 Written Update Episode,

Scene 1
Diwan breaks the door and rushes towards kamiya’s house.
Kamiya picks her sword and is about to stab chirgah. Diwan holds the sword and says no one can harm my son. Kamiya says now you all will die together. Vidya picks vash’ locket and makes her wear it. They hide. Kamiya says you can’t save yourself..
She attacks Vidya. Chiragh attacks her. Kamiya says chirgah your game is over. SHe attacks him. Chiragh falls on the ground. DIwan picks him up. Vash’s locket stops Kamiyia. Her magic is not working. Vash holds Kamiya’s legs. It hurts her. Chiragh says I told you so many times never harm my mummy papa. I love them. He sets Kamiya on fire. Diwan hugs chiragh. Vidya hugs vash.

Diwan and Vidya come in. Vash and chiragh come in too. Manjila says this bruise.. Vidya says this bruise is the symbol of good will over bad. Chiragh stood by us when Kamiya tried to attack us. Sheila takes Vidya to her room. She says you should rest. Chiragh caresses vidya’s face. He massages her head and kisses her face.
Diwan says chiragh loves vidya so much that he stood against Kamiya. We know our chiragh will change completely. Manjila says this is a fake hope. We can’t take this risk.. Chiragh is a devil. Till he is here will always suffer. Its about time that you should take a decision. Manjila says I can’t harm my child. Manjila says we need to take devil out of him. Diwan says that might harm his life. Paresh says Manjila is right.

Vidya says to Diwan we should do something. We will find a way. Diwan says what way? Vidya says I am sure the devil inside him will vanish. Give me 24 hours. Chiragh is devil but he loves us. I want to make him forget the devil in him;. Diwan says what will you do it 24 hours. Vidya says everything a mother should do.
Vidya calls shuhsu. She tells him everythning. Shushu says yes devil is in hhis eyes. I am so scared. Is there another way? Shushu this is the only one I know. But Yashodin used to say that devil bows down to human powers.

Precap-Diwan says chiragh open your eyes. Viday says talk to me. Open your eyes. Alpesh check’s his nerves and shakes his head. Diwan says no chiragh can’t leave us.

News Update Credit on: Atiba

Kuldeepak 3rd August 2017 .

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