Kuldeepak 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chirag Becomes Human

Kuldeepak 4th August 2017 Written Update Episode,

Scene 1
Vidya is looking for solutions online. She says to Diwan vash showed me a way. Diwan says she is just a child. vidya says God has sent vash here for my help. They were both born in the same day same hour. Please trust. Diwan says you know i don’t believe in all this. But I believe in you. I want to believe in what you do. She says will you help me? He says yes. He says I have a friend who can help me.
Shush calls vidya and says Yashodin’s guru has told me a way. Vidya tells diwan that we have to do something. All the women of house have to participate. I don’t know if ma and shanaya will agree.

Manjila says would it do anything? Vidya says shushu suggested this with confidence. Sheila says I am with you. Vidya says to shanaya please help me. I am begging you. Shanaya says of course I will. Manjila says I will help you too.
They both start the havan.
Vidya comes to chiragh’s room and take him downstairs. His head hurts. They force him to sit in havan. Chiragh faints and screams. Lights turn off. The devil comes in chiragh. He dsays what are you doing stupid woman. ENd all this. A black shadow goes out from him. Chiragh faints. vidya says chiragh open your eyes. See we are so happy. The devil has gone. Diwan hold shim and says open your eyes. Talk to us. Alpesh checks his nerve and shakes his head. Diwan says no this can’t happen. our chiragh can’t leave us.
Diwan brings chiragh to temple. He says my wife believes in you. She always says that God can do anythin. This is how you returned her? What was my son’s fault? Please bring my son back. Vidya please ask her to bring him back. Diwan says if you give his life back U will bow down to you all my life. He rings the bell until his hands bleed. Vidya is crying. Chiragh opens his eyes. Diwan hugs him. Vidya says God listened to you.

Scene 2
Vidya opens stores of idols and says chiragh come in. He comes and touches the idol. it doesn’t hurt him. He touches all the idols. Vash says will you help us decorate them? Chiragh says yes. She makes him wear thread.
Chiragh decorates the idols with them. Everyone comes in. Manjila says the one who used to run away from all this is now sitting here and decorating idols. Like he has been born again with all good.

The end.

News Update Credit on: Atiba

Kuldeepak 4th August 2017 : Chirag Becomes Human .

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