Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update: Court Hearing Begins For Amla’s Rape Case

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 23rd September 2017 Written Update Episode,

Abeer tells Amla that he will always support her, if you slip, I will hold you, if you gets teary eye then I will wipe your tears, if you smile then I will smile, I will always stand by you. Amla smiles and holds his hand. Karuna says lets go to court. Mando asks what you will get by going to court. She tells that she is unwell and will stay at home. Karuna asks them to come. Rishan recalls Amla and Abeer insulting Viren and him. Viren comes and says good morning. He asks why everyone upset, have breakfast. He asks them not to take tension, I am a lawyer and this is my daily work, that girl can’t stand in one hearing also and asks them to trust him. Evan says we have trusted you and this thing happened, we wouldn’t have faced this day, if not agreed to your sayings. Viren says if you had not done that thing then this wouldn’t have happened. I am trying to hide your crime. Evan says we are exposed because of you. Hema scolds Evan and asks him to apologize to Viren, saying he is the only person who can help him now. Evan apologizes to him and goes. Rishan tells Hema that Evan’s attitude will put them in more big problem one day. Viren says what could be more big than this. They leave for court.

Mahi talks to Ritu and says her win is in Amla’s victory. She says I want to see everyone in jail because of whom dad is in hospital. Ritu says I am worried for you, come home. Mahi says today is the last day and tells that she has an evidence, Suveer’s confession video recording and tells that he has confessed to take revenge from his brother and took name of those three. When this proof will be given to court, then nobody can save them. She says she shall go as Amla is waiting. She turns and sees someone standing.

Amla reaches the court. Media asks if she is really troubling Maliks. Rishan, Evan, Suveer, Viraj and Viren comes. Viren asks lawyer if he can talk to his client for a min. Amla says she will talk to him. Viren tells Amla that the offer is still on and asks her to think. Amla says I have no advantage in this, but I can give you an offer. Rishan says your demand will be fulfilled. Amla asks them to accept the crime and says then case will be finished in just 5 mins and then may be court might sympathize with you. Viren says this court is my working place. Amla asks if he is scared to lose. Viren smiles while Rishan makes an angry face.

Court hearing begins. Amla’s lawyer tells that the case is registered for outraging the modesty of a woman, rape. He says the incident happened on 11th april 2017 in Dharmshala, HP. He says when she tried to file FIR, she was denied by the police. He says one of the accused among this three forced my client to take the case back.

Judge asks the accused to stand in the witness box. Evan, Suveer and Viraj go to witness box. Viren asks suveer to tell only what he taught them. Judge asks if they accept the crime. Evan says no, we are not guilty, this girl is lying to get money from us. Jugde asks them to go and calls investigating officer. Investigating officer comes to the witness box and says there is no record of this incident. Judge calls the medical expert. Medical expert lies in court that even though there was a physical intimacy, but no marks on her body and there was not more than one person.

Viren tells that prosecution is fooling the court, and believed Amla’s innocent face. He tells that Amla Abeer Anand is a lower middle class girl who reached Maliks house to apply mehendi, and she did this conspiracy to get money. This is the simple case of blackmail and extortion. Amla called Suveer Malik near the pond on 11th April. Abeer says he is lying. Judge asks him to sit. Viren says why did she call him there, as she wants to give him offer for s*xual favours in exchange of money. He says he is going to proof that she is a shameless girl to have accused the three guys.

Viren tells that no rape happened, no s*xual harassment, and no witness. He says truth is that she is a characterless and shameless girl who wants to get big price from Maliks for her lie. Abeer gets up and says they all are lying, neither this case is not wrong, nor Amla is a liar. He says I am the eye witness. Everyone get shocked.

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 23rd September 2017 : Court Hearing Begins For Amla’s Rape Case .

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