Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 30th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Amla Gets Justice

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 30th September 2017 Written Update Episode,

Viren asks what is the proof that Amla was gang raped. Mando comes there and says she has the proof which will clear everything. She apologizes to Judge and says I came uninvited. Judge asks her to tell. Mando shows Suveer Malik’s ring, and says she found it near the spot, thought to give it to Maliks and gets some money. She says Rishan asked him to keep mouth quiet. Viren says you are Amla’s Bhabhi and is trying to save her. Mando says if I am Amla’s bhabhi and trying to save her, then what you are doing with three of them. Judge says you can get punishment for hiding the proofs. Mando says she knows, but she came to show the proofs. Viren says this ring can’t proof that she was gang raped. There is no proof. Dev comes there and says there is a proof. Mahi is shown. She recalls how Anisha and Dev freed her.

Amla tells Judge that she is Mahi Thakur, the prime witness and asks them to look at her condition. She asks Judge to put all sections against the criminals. Mahi gives the video recording. Everyone see the video in which Suveer confessed that Evan provoked them to rape Amla, Evan raped her first and provoked them to rape her. Viraj apologizes to Amla and asks for forgiveness. He comes to the witness box and tells that they were drunk that night and had drugs too. They held her and raped her. He tells that Abeer didn’t do anything, he was drunk too and tried to stop us, but we didn’t listen. He tells that he told Suveer and Evan that Abeer is innocent, but they asked us to be silent so that Abeer thinks he had also raped Amla and helps us. He says later on, Abeer came to know about this. He tells Amla that he can’t change whatever he did, he was drunk and don’t realize what he was doing.

Amla says whatever you did with me, can you do that with your Maa or sister. Divya, Pallavi and Hema cries hearing this. Viraj also cries. Judge asks Prosecution or Defense to say if they want to say something. Amla says yes, I want to tell something to all. She says I, Amla is an ordinary girl like any other girl and have similar dreams of age, she wanted to marry a guy she loves, and wanted to live a peaceful life, but one night ruined everything and she couldn’t do anything. The world blamed me for rape, this is the only crime for which the victim is blamed. She says what was my mistake, I went to meet someone in the night whom I love. She tells that why rules are there for every girl and why not for guys, why they are asked not to go out, be in limits or do anything. She says who made these rules, and why there are no rules for guys. If guys see any girl then they think they have right to use her. She says why guys are not taught that using or playing with girls’ respect is wrong, she is not a thing. She tells that when a girl is raped, she was needed her family the most, but they leave her because of their cheap thinking, and leave her humiliated.

She tells that rape doesn’t happen of body only, it not only dirty the body and respect, but also shatters and tears her soul, and ends her self confidence. She tells that everyone makes her believe that her existence don’t matter and have the right to live. She says why a rape survivor can’t be happy again or get the respect again. She says you all know me, many people badmouth about me and many people prayed for me. She says there were many girls who are still quiet, I was lucky to have Abeer in my life, who made me live life, give me respect, self confidence, love etc, but everyone’s destiny is not like me and all guys are not like Abeer. She says she has a request that those girls shall raise her voice and court shall give them justice. She says we all shall have strength so that every girl can become Amla, who can never become dirty.

Everyone cries hearing her. She cries keeping her head in Karuna’s lap. Judge gives his verdict that the accusation were right and the court asks HP govt to do departmental inquiry against Inspector Bedi. He appreciates Abeer for supporting Amla and frees him with respect. He says Mando and medical officer supported truth so they are not punished. He says the three culprits used their powers wrongly inaddition to rape and declares life imprisonment to them. He asks Police to file case against Rishan and Viren and also cancels Viren’s law practice licence. Rishan and Viren are shocked. Police takes Evan, Suveer and Viraj. Pallavi folds her hands and apologizes to Amla. Amla holds her hand. They all leave.

Rishan comes home. Viren is drunk and tells that he will make everything fine. Pallavi says this is the outcome of that night, but Amla stand on her feet being truthful. She says we are ruined and lifeless dead bodies. Rishan thinks about Judge’s verdict and Pallavi’s words. He goes to room and shoots himself. Viren and Hema run to room. Pallavi is sitting in shock. Hema shouts seeing Rishan’s dead body. Viren is shocked too.

After 6 months, Amla tells that she had one dream since childhood that she has a home, prince charming and a life partner with whom she makes her dream house. Abeer and Amla’s marriage, Amla’s happy moments before rape, her struggle there after is shown. Amla says if you have trust on yourself then everything will be fine. Abeer brings cheque and gives to Amla. Their new journey is shown. Amla teaches to kids. Amla and Abeer’s sweet home is shown. Amla tells that her dreams started in Dharmshala and fulfilled in Mumbai, she met Abeer who have accepted her dreams and made her understand that nobody can stop when two people are seeing the same dream. Abeer and Amla say I love you to each other and get romantic. This was Amla’s story.

Amla Gets Justice and starts her New Life with Abeer.

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 30th September 2017 : Amla Gets Justice .

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