Meri Durga 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjay encourages Durga

Meri Durga 15th March 2018 Written Update Episode,

The Episode starts with Lakshmi saying you know you can have a miscarriage, why did you come for race. Tanvi asks Durga you are pregnant, you know its international race, your career and country’s hope are at stake, don’t tell anyone. Bhagat asks them to come. Lakshmi says Durga can’t come, she is pregnant. They get shocked. He asks what, Durga what is Lakshmi saying, you are pregnant, is she saying true, I thought you deserve to become national champion, I had much hope from you, you are here by your determination, you cheated yourself and me too, you played with the people’s emotions, you are running from fate. Durga means speed, running, you just have to run, Durga is just one.

Durga says I didn’t back out from running, I didn’t let hurdle stop me, I m a woman, how can I run, I can’t neglect my responsibility. He says we all have a purpose in life, your purpose is just to run for many people who have hopes on you, we will give any sacrifice for it. Durga thinks of Bhagat’s words. Palak comes and says I regarded you friend, but you have hidden about Sanjay and your pregnancy from me. Durga says I need your support, not complains, its my life’s imp race, and then my race, my future, its sign of SP and my love, I called SP, I m not able to talk to him, I always regarded you a good friend, understand me. Palak smiles and says Lord tests those who has courage to bear, I know you are very strong, Lord will help you. Durga cries.

Yashpal says we lodged the complaint. Sheela hugs Shilpa and cries. Sanjay does aid to Gayatri. Brij asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks Sheela and Shilpa to see, they felt Gayatri is a burn, today she saved their respect, if she got selfish like you, what would have happened, just think. Gayatri says Shilpa is like my daughter, don’t scold them. Brij asks did you hear this. Sheela apologizes and falls in Gayatri’s feet. Gayatri holds her. Sheela says we can’t repay your favor. Gayatri hugs and consoles her. Sanjay gets a message.

Gayatri says don’t tell anything to Durga. Sanjay goes. He calls Durga and asks her to say. She asks where are you. He says my phone was on silent, what happened, you look worried. She says I have to tell something imp, I m pregnant. He smiles and then gets worried saying how will she run in race. Sanjay comes to meet Durga. He hugs her and says don’t worry, sit, we won’t tell anything to family, I decided you will run in race, forget everything and focus on race. She says its not easy for us, its about our baby, first heir of Ahlawat family. He says we have one dream to see your victory, how can you fall weak thinking of baby, Ahlawat family can get heir later, but this race… She says if anything happens to baby, how will I live with this burden to sacrifice the baby for my greed. She says nothing can happen, Serena Williams won a big tournament during her pregnancy, she was also a sportswoman, you can’t move back, you have worked hard for this, try to understand. She says I don’t want to understand.

He asks her to make the baby her strength, not weakness, her victory has happiness of entire country, they want her to get medal, think well. He goes home. Durga comes home. Yashpal asks her how did she come, its her race today, they are going temple for her. She asks can’t I come to meet family. Yashpal says yes, its your home, but you should be in ground. Gayatri asks Durga what’s the matter, is she fine. Durga asks about her wound. Gayatri says leave it, tell me what are you doing here. Yashpal asks her to answer. Durga says I don’t know I should run or not, so I came here. Yashpal says we thought you will win and then run by the country’s name.

Durga says I m pregnant, I don’t know to run or not. Sanjay says its my decision too. Someone comes and asks Durga not to leave her dreams.

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Meri Durga 15th March 2018 : Sanjay encourages Durga .

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