Rikara an unexpected marriage – Episode 1

@ House:
A girl is sitting as a bride and she doesn’t know what is happening she is lost in her thoughts.

Girl Pov:
My name is Gauri Sharma and I belong from upper middle class family two days back I came to Mumbai by completing my higher studies from London and then I got my life’s biggest shock that I am going to marry to the businessman shivaay singh oberoi’s brother Omkara and you can imagine all the rituals and engagement done in two days and today is my marriage day and the funniest thing is till now I didn’t seen him and I am angry on my parents who didn’t tell anything about it and I don’t understand what had got to my parents head that they wanted me to marry to someone and I had never expected that I will marry a person whom I didn’t know but whatever it is I had to marry the person.

The thoughts of Gauri had been broken when she heard a knock on the door and when the door opened one girl came she is none other than Annika elder daughter in law of pinky and Shakti. She came to take Gauri downstairs. They both headed downstairs. Annika initiated conversation with Gauri while heading downstairs

Annika: Gauri I know you have many thoughts about this marriage but don’t worry everything will be alright whenever you have problem then come to me I will help you
Gauri: thanks but I don’t know whether I am ready for the marriage because I don’t know anything about him.

Annika: I know that you are ready for the marriage but I will assure you that you will adjust over time
Gauri: I hope so and by the way thank you by talking to you it feels good I forgot about everything

Annika: you are welcome
They both reached the downstairs and they had left in the car. And Gauri remembers what all happened after her arrival

Gauri came to her house and she is happy that she is meeting her parents after long time but she doesn’t know a surprise is waiting for her when she reached inside then her parents welcomed her warmly and shared the news that she is getting married after two days and all rituals will happen tomorrow and the next day is engagement and the third day is marriage. She tried to talk to her parents but by seeing their happiness she didn’t had courage to say no for it. She left everything to the destiny thinking whatever happens it will be for good.

@oberoi mansion:

A boy is frustrated and throwing things all over he is none other than Omkara at that time shivaay came to his room and saw all the broken things.
Shiv: omi what is this you had messed all the room and you are not ready yet within few hours you will get married

Omi: bro how can my parents plan marriage without even consulting me they know that I had loved Richa and she cheated me she told lie you know how much I hate liars and I had loved truly what is my fault that she did this to me and my parents they didn’t wait till my wounds of heart heals they just fixed my marriage and now I am marrying a girl and destroying her life.
Shiv: omi calm down I said to Annika to tell about your past before marriage so come down we have to go to the mandap

Omi nodded and went with shivaay and they booth headed to wedding place

Omi Pov:
I am Omkara singh oberoi a painter by profession and today is my marriage my parents fixed my marriage with a girl and they didn’t said about anything till two days back and they know about my love failure but still they didn’t thought to ask whether I wanted to marry or not and i tried to tell them that I cannot marry her but I didn’t want them to be sad and I am feeling guilty that I am destroying an innocent girl life and I wanted tell about my past to her but I didn’t got time to tell her and now I am heading towards marriage hall. I don’t know what will happen when she gets to know my past whether she will be able accept it that I cannot give her place in my heart. I wish that this marriage should not happen at least her life will be saved but I am leaving it on destiny.

@ Annika side:
Annika: Gauri I want to tell you something about Omkara’s past he loved a girl named Richa and she lied to Omkara that her father is on death bed and wanted some money for the treatment Omkara used to give money for the treatment it went for long time one day he came to know that Richa has lied to him about her father’s health he felt betrayed then he saw that Richa is with one boy he went there and confronted her then he got to know that Richa already had a boyfriend Rahul and she just used him for money and Omkara had heart broken and from that day he became arrogant.

Gauri: I cannot believe how a girl can use a pure soul like Omkara for her selfish reason and by hearing his story I feel bad for him.
Annika: yes but I want a promise that please never tell lie to him because he hate liars
Gauri: I will promise you
Annika: ok

Gauri and Annika reached the destination first after them shivaay and Omkara came there.
Both Gauri and Omkara got married and in an unexpected way and hoping that their future will bring light to their life.

**************** THE END********************

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