Shakti 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman gives kataar to Soumya to remind childhood incident

Shakti 7th December 2018 Written Update Episode,

The Episode starts with a young man coming to Soumya and says I went to your house and came to know that your parents are dead. Sameer smiles. Harman says her father is alive Maninder Singh. Young boy tells that he is educated today because of her father and shows the fake parents’s pic to Soumya. Harman scolds the boy for lying. Soumya says she will not hear anything. Sameer tells Harman that he gave money to the boy and you must have understood why Soumya’s family have lied. He says Soumya lost her memory to become fine. Harman says you are not doing right. Sameer asks him to use his mind.

Harak Singh comes to the lawyer and tells about Veeran’s doing. Harak Singh says I can’t believe that he is my brother and tells that he kept two constables at home. I can’t go inside. Lawyer asks him to burn the papers then. Harak Singh thinks to burn the house. Preeto asks Raavi if they will get job. Raavi says they will find some solution and says she will do household work, and asks Preeto not to worry. Chameli comes to Preeto and asks her to take the money. Preeto tells her that she can’t take the money. Chameli takes money from all kinnars and says this is our love and strength for you to make your temple like house again. She asks her not to refuse. Preeto says I will not refuse. Harman calls Preeto and asks her to come. Preeto, Raavi and kinnars meet Harman. Harman tells Preeto what Sameer has done. Preeto asks him to try to make her regain her memory so that she remembers relations, house etc. Raavi is walking on the road and recalls Veeran’s conspiracy. She thinks she is educated and will get some job, else she will do household work to earn money.

Balwinder comes and says it is not needed. He says if you want you can have luxurious life, my wife is thinking of doing household work for the parents who had never done anything for you. Raavi asks him to move from her way. Balwinder holds her tightly. Raavi asks him to leave her. She frees her hand and runs to Harak Singh. She tells him that Balwinder tried to take her forcibly, but she came anyhow. Harak Singh asks her not to take tension and says I am still alive. He asks her to relax and tells about Vodafone Service 1800123100 for the woman’s safety. He asks her to call on that number if she is in problem and the message will be sent to 10 contacts with her location.

In the night, Someone throws ghungroo in Soumya’s room. She comes out and thinks of it. Harman comes and picks it. Soumya asks what are you doing here and who has thrown these ghungroo. Harman says we have to leave this area fast and asks her to pack her bags fast. She asks who has thrown this. He says someone has done this who don’t want me to make you remember your memory. He asks her to agree for the challenge. He comes to her room and packs her clothes. He asks her to change her clothes. He thinks you had told me what your mum used to do in your childhood, even I will do the same now, may be you will get the memory back. Soumya changes her clothes and comes out. Sameer comes and stands infront of them. Harman asks him to move from his way. Sameer says you came in night to take my would my wife and I shall let her go with you. Harman says 10 days. Sameer says for the challenge, and not to make Soumya elope with you. Soumya says I will call you and asks him not to worry. She asks him to trust him. Harman says you know well, whose love is true, says if we had elope then you can’t find her.

Sameer thinks to keep eye on them. Harman comes to the ironsmith and asks him to make kataar melting the ghungroos, he gives him ghungroo. Ironsmith says ok. Harman thinks I want to remind you of your childhood by throwing these ghungroo and don’t want to remind you that you are a kinnar. He hopes she gets her childhood memory. Soumya is surprised and gets some flashes of her childhood. Ironsmith gives kataar to Harman. Harman asks her to keep it with her always and says this is your strength and shakti from now onwards. Sameer is watching them from behind. Soumya looks on.

Harman shows Soumya’s pics with sindoor and mangalsutra. Soumya says this is not me and asks him not to waste his time. She burns the pics.

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Shakti 7th December 2018 : Harman gives kataar to Soumya to remind childhood incident .

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