Shivaay was rested his head and the backrest of the bed closing his eyes he relaxed a bit. Annika came out of the washroom she wondered seeing Shivaay whether this man was for real. She was staring at him, her expression blank, soon it was replaced with a wide grin as the realisation dawned upon her who ever he was real or not he was her’s. Only her’s.  Despite of all the problems they had or  rather the fate has chosen them to be together. Being with him was a total bliss. She couldn’t digest the fact that they have to spend their life together with each other. Sleeping next to him every night and waking up in his arms. His childlike smile , depicting victory, which he everytime flashes when he wakes up earlier  than her. She squeled inwardly like a child.

“Okay enough Annika, stop checking me out. Mujhe pata hai ki main bahut handsome hoon…Magar uska yeh matlab nahi hai ki tum mujhe ase har waqt taadte rahogi” he said still resting on the backrest, his eyesclosed, hands folded across his chest , smirking.

Annika was snapped out of her daze, she looked away instantly shrugging off her thought. “Main…main Bhala kyu aapki checking karungi…main thori hi na koi teacher hu Jo ki … che…checking karegi… Aap…kabhi kabhi kuch bhi bolte hain…” She said fumbling…and cursed his Annika detector which everytime activates when she was near. He chuckled at her explanation. He looks divine she thought..”Aarggh annika.. tera dimag aajkal kuch zyaada hi chal Raha hai…she mumbled and made her way to their bed.

Pulling up the duvet on them she slided beside Shivaay. Moving down a bit he rested his head on her shoulder…she slided her hand at his back and held onto his waist. She kissed his hair.. He felt relieved. His stiff body clamed under her soft touches. They found solace in each other. They never knew how but they always comforted each other with their mere presence…words were never needed. They rested like that..while silence screamed their love for each other…

They both are similar yet so different. She had to protect her brother all alone because she didn’t have a family. He had to protect his brothers all alone because he has a family. She had always wished that she had a family where he could live with his brother. How he always  wished he only had his brothers to live with. To hide her pain from the world she has  tobe cheerful, bubbly and full of life. To hide his pain from the world he has wear a mask of indifference , rude and arrogance.

His was not at all comfortable in that position his neck pained a bit. But he dared not to change his position after having such an eventful day he cannot let her leave him even for a second. He wanted her by his side.

He shifted a bit, sensing his uncomfortable she called out for him… “Shivaay…” Tapping her lap she asked him to lay down on her lap. He was amused .. he would never be able to figure out how everytime she understood what he wanted. Giving her an admiring smile he laid down on her lap. As soon as he closed his eyes He felt each of his aching nerve finding it’s relief.

She tried to figure out his facial expression… That slight change from a stressful to the one with calmness didn’t went unnoticed by her. She felt p proud on seeingg her effect on him. 

She placed her hand on his stomach and her other hand Involuntarily moved to his forehead dismissing those frown lines…and she careressed his hair lovingly … He lifted his hand and placed it on her hand that was on his stomach. He held onto it tightly. His grip getting tighter with each passing second he closed his eyes tightly as if he feared the moment he opened his eyes she will be gone. He wanted to her to console him. He wanted to feel to be loved. To be loved by her… Again as if reading his gripping his hand back protectively she bent down to kiss his forehead. Seeing it working she moved her hand over his cheeks and  she moved to his left eye pressing her lips she then moved to his other eye dropping a kiss. Moving her hand on his hair she kissed his cheeks one by one… His face showed serenity. He had calmed down as if nothing has happened. He is still a child…she thought.. a child who is craving love from inside.

He loved the feeling of her lips on his face..  he felt divine under the touch of her hands… He felt wanted ..he felt loved… He opened his eyes and saw her…looking straight into his eyes… He lifted his hand to tuck her hair strand behind her ears. Her cheeks redenned up and instantly she looked down …at his stomach…she started figedting their interwined hand.. he was amused with her antics and then he burst out laughing whole heartedly…which led her to blush all the more …he shook his head and pulled her into a hug she hid her face in his chest while he laughed slowly hislaughter subsides and they had an eylock… There eyes spoked warmth.. Shivaay looked at her lips…she parted her lips as a reflex. He turned her swiftly and went on the top of her…their faces inches away…he cupped her lovingly…and slowly ran his thumb on her parted lips. He felt her shudder under his body as a sweet moan escaped her lips… 

Her world seemed to stop the moment his cold finger touched her lips… He pecked her lips…urging her to open her eyes…the moment she opened her eyes  he took her lips in his… she responded with equal fervour… Their kiss was of pure love, of promises, of sacrifices. The kiss was a soft … Soon it turned into more passionate kiss. 


Hope you guys like it ? for the very first time tried some sort of romance… Do give your feedback ?

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