Udaan 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor gets Anjor home

Udaan 7th December 2018 Written Update Episode,

The Episode starts with Chakor getting Raghav arrested. She says I know you won’t tell me about Anjor, I will find her. He says she is fine and eating noodles, she thinks we are playing hide and seek, go and get her from the room, she doesn’t know that her mum is a big player. He angrily shouts. He is taken away. Chakor sees a girl dressed in red clothes. She thinks of Raghav’s words. She says was he saying the truth, is he innocent, he left the money bag with her and this girl is like the one he told me about, I have to see the other side of the coin too. She rushes upstairs and gets Anjor. She hugs Anjor and cries. She asks her not to have chinese. She asks did anyone hurt you. Anjor says I was with dad, what can happen to me, why were you worried for me, why are you crying.

Chakor asks her to come. Anjor says dad knows about my habit to avoid shoes, so he got slippers for me. Chakor says yes, its good, come with me. She sees the same girl leaving in an auto. She thinks to find out about this girl. She hires an auto to follow that girl. They lose that girl. Anjor asks what are you doing. Chakor says I came here to see next place to hide. Anjor asks which place is this. Chakor goes with her.

Everyone talks in the haveli about saving Anjor. Akash asks Rohit to calm down and let Chakor bring Anjor. Tejaswini agrees with Rohit. Chakor gets Anjor home. They all smile. Tejaswini hugs Anjor. Anjor says I just went with dad for a trip, why are you crying. Chakor says we know, but everyone loves you, I feel sleepy now, see I have defeated your dad. Anjor says yes, we lost. Chakor asks Leela to take Anjor. They go. Chakor asks everyone to stay alert. She says there is one thing that signs that Raghav is innocent. Tejaswini gets shocked.

She asks why do you care about his innocence. Chakor says I do care. Tejaswini says because his face resembles Suraj, you shouldn’t care. Chakor says we have to help Raghav, I know you are hurt, its tough for us, I have to remind myself that Suraj has gone away, Anjor was with me, she called her dad many times, she is a little girl, if we tell her that her dad is no more, how will she live, I got Raghav here as Suraj, if he is blamed for a crime, its my duty to find the truth, I have to get him released, if Raghav is innocent, I will get him back as Suraj. They get shocked.

Tejaswini says he can’t come back. Chakor says Raghav can fill in Suraj’s life. Akash agrees with her. He says Raghav is a blessing for Anjor. Tejaswini says only for Anjor, not for us. Jyoti asks is there no other way. Rohit says he is the culprit, there is enough evidence, he kidnapped Anjor and asked for ransom too. Chakor says no, Raghav didn’t take Anjor away, Anjor is with us, we have the money too. Rohit says maybe he is doing this drama. Chakor says no, Raghav told me that he was with some girl that night, how can he be here then. Rohit says there is no girl. Chakor says I have seen that girl, I will find her. She asks Rohit not to worry, she will find the truth, she will find the real culprit, this girl can play an imp role in solving this case. Chakor comes to meet that girl. She makes an excuse and gets in. Raghav is caught by police. Chakor gets Raghav’s pic with the girl.

Chakor says you have to tell truth to Raghav, he will be proved innocent. She stops Sweety. Some men knock the door.

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Udaan 7th December 2018 : Chakor gets Anjor home .

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