unique shows that are currently running in television.

Television shows means sass bahu drama only. That’s what television is but there were some shows which actually broke stereotypes. They are till some shows which continues to do so. If I start making list of past shows it may take so much time. I’m going to make list of the current shows which I think actually breaking the stereotypes.

Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi season two : never seen such a practical show before I know it had some cliches but I loved how the female lead was not sacrificing , had her self respect and the male lead was flawed. If the season one was fabulous the season two raises the standards high. The questions never asked before I asked seeing it. Such a beautiful concept. Why is it women always sacrifice their career for children why can’t man do the same? . The Society can accept the women sacrificing her career willingly or unwillingly but when the men do the same they are not able to handle it. Kudos to the directors for taking such a topic for breaking the stereotype. I still can’t understand why this show does not get nice trps it deserves to be number one. Anyway I heard the season two has topped the charts in us lol the America people has better taste. This show and the topic actually deserves to be watched. Unique show .

Naamkaran : it was worst show before leap and holds many cliches Now also. It has sass bahu drama also but trust me it is far better than most of the other shows at least after the leap . The female lead is not all damsel in distress she knows to solve her problems, she prefers to leave the house than proving her character to the people. Maybe avni is little sacrificing but she is far better than all that crying bahus. But what stands out for me is male leads character. Neil not a mcp, respects women always stands for what is right even means going against the people and gives damn to the society. I always carved to see male leads like Neil and dev . Neil cares for avni’s self respect than her. Neil is not confused about his feeling and knows what he feels. Call him rude but he has the guts to call a spade a spade. Kudos for CVS for creating a male lead like him and breaking stereotypes of Mcp and rude male leads. Television needs more male leads who respects women not manhandle them. I don’t believe a man is one who controls women he is one who respects women and fights for her dignity, protects her and gives her wings to achieve something.
Neil is the nayi soch of star plus
The other thing about naamkaran is the characters . Neela actually breaks the stereotype of step mother and fights for her daughter like a lioness and prakash supports avni whenever needed. The shweta’s character which is actually grey shaded was handled carefully. The way she slapped Riya and said she may hate avni but will never wish hell for any women as a women was awesome. What stands out is Neil’s characterization and avneil’s story seriously I have witnessed many shows where male lead is all bad and grey and female lead corrects him but rarely comes a show where reverse happens. Avni is all what a female lead is not and Neil is not what a male lead is not. Even naamkaran tops the trp in USA looks like foreign people have really great choice.

Yeh un dinno ki battein hai : trust Sony to come up with something new it will come. I was disappointed with shashi sumeet’s tu sooraj main sanjh after watching diya aur bati who would not have been disappointed with the sequel. But this show actually brought the charm back. Trust me guys if you are not watching the show u are missing something best in television. Whenever the a episode ends it leaves a sweet smile on my smile . When I’m not born on ninety’s I could relate to it. The setting is done good it takes me back to my school days. The manner the first crush thing is dealed is one of the best things. I could totally relate with it. Awe I could never get over the show. Television seriously deserves some shows like this. Being in Sony TV the show got 1.0 trps was that not enough. The narration is quite good.

Rishton ka chakryudh : ok I love the writing of the show. The mother daughter dynamics is actually good. Something refreshing. I’m love with female lead character who gives a damn to anyone.

Kya kassor hai amala ka : this show seriously deserves a evening slot. Still angry for star plus for its decision. Wasn’t talking about a sensitive topic like rape and making people aware about the struggles of the race victim not nayi soch it’s better than showing some rubbish Chandra nandini and tu sooraj. Anyway the show made me cry, leave a great impact on me so where the actors. I will miss the show.

Ek aastha aise bhi : why instead of giving chance to that stupid show can’t star plus actually shift shows like this to evening slot. I was craving for a female lead who does not call for god when trouble beckons her.

Ishq mein marjawa : trust Yash pathak to give something unique he will give you . I know as the show is going many feel it’s normal but I know twist awaits ahead. Yash pathak brings best of actors .

Ok this are the shows I find unique in television right now. I do ship some other shows but I find them cliched.

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unique shows that are currently running in television. .

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