Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita persuades Payal

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th December 2018 Written Update Episode,

The Episode starts with Payal saying I will get Raman punished, just leave. Ruhi asks what will we do now. Sudha calls Payal. Payal says Ishita had come here, I made her leave. Sudha says you did good, now Raman will come there, just open the door, behave like he is threatening you. Payal asks will he do anything wrong. Sudha says no, he will get angry, make sure that he gets furious, the people should see the drama, you don’t worry, I will bring along the police and get Raman arrested. Bala gets shocked hearing this. She says you never learn Raman, see what happens now. Bala sends the driver away. He punctures the car tyres. He says if I had phone, I would have informed Ishita. Ruhi asks what will we do now. Mani says there is no use to be here. Ishita says we can talk to your NGO lawyer. Ruhi says I think we should stay back, when she calms down, she may want to talk to us.

Bala takes a cab and gets driver’s phone. He calls Ishita and gets number busy. He says I will call Raman. Ishita sees Payal asking her mum to go home, she will help. She helps her brother and asks him not to worry, everything will be fine. Ishita asks auto driver, where did they pick that woman and boy. Driver asks why shall I tell you. Mani says we want to help this family and want to know if they genuinely need help. Driver says I picked them from Survodaya hospital. Ishita says that’s Sudha’s hospital, maybe she is helping Payal’s brother, so Payal is agreeing to her.

Sudha scolds her driver. She says its Raman’s work. Lawyer says yes, even my car tyres are flat. She asks them to go fast and get a cab. She says I want to go to Payal’s house and get Raman arrested. Bala tries to call Raman. He makes the driver talk to his wife. Karan and Rohan get troubled and sit tired. Mihika comes and asks if she can help. They ask what did you do. She says I have helped and cleared your system by adding a bit of laxative. Karan asks what, you have added strong laxative. She jokes on them. Rohan says our mum is coming to take us tomorrow, if something happens to us, then just… Aaliya says this won’t happen, Raman and Ishita won’t let Sudha win. They run to washroom. Mihika laughs. She asks what happened. Aaliya says no, I m feeling worried, will this happen.

Mihika says yes, Raman and Ishita won’t lose. Ishita says Sudha is managing the expenses of surgery and helping Payal’s brother, Payal has no option, she is doing this for her brother. Ruhi says its not right. Mani says yes, we will tell her that we will help her. They see Payal going somewhere. Ishita says I will talk to Payal’s mum and see. Amma asks Appa where did he go. He says I went to get a lottery ticket, keep this money safety. She gets glad. He says I got such a huge amount after a long time, so I m tensed. She says you have won the lottery for the first time, you are lucky. She goes. He says I m sorry to lie to you, I m unable to share this with you.

Ishita says I m a social worker and a doctor, I ned to talk to you, I came to know you need financial help. Payal’s mum asks her to come in. Ishita says I want some info about your family, how did your husband die. Payal’s mum says he was suffering from dengue. Ishita says I heard he died in a factory accident. Payal’s mum says no, he was happy when he worked in the factory. Ruhi gets Bala’s call. She misses to see Payal. Mani says Sudha is such a cheap woman, we shall go and tell Ishita. Payal sees Ishita and scolds her.

Ishita says we will get your brother treated, just take the blame back, we will help you. Payal says they are selfish people, they are fooling us. Ruhi and Mani come. She asks Payal to say the truth to her mum first. Mani says maybe you are scared of Sudha. Ruhi says Sudha is using you to ruin my dad, she is a bad woman, this is really wrong. Payal shouts enough is enough, get out. Raman comes and says you will go to jail. Ishita says Payal’s dad died by dengue, not in the factory accident, we are trying to explain her, but she isn’t agreeing. Raman says you have any shame, you are taking advantage of your dad’s death, how dare you falsely blame me, you will accept the truth when police comes.

Sudha says maybe this guy works for Raman. Raman says why would I bribe him, you were the company owner at the time of Payal’s dad’s death, you would be blamed for this, not me. Sudha gets shocked.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th December 2018 : Ishita persuades Payal .

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